51.   Drove Road

                          52.  View from Devizes Road

                         53.   Ceanothus, Victoria Hill                                                                              Sold

                           54.   Longs bar from Belle Vue Road                                                                    Sold

                         55.   RAFA from Belle Vue Road

                         56.   Back of Clifton Street
                        57.   Richard Jefferies Museum                                                                         Sold
                         58.   Magistrate's Court
                         59.   Holy Rood, Lawns
                        60.   Belmont House, Devizes Road

                        61.   Great Copse, Pipers Way                                                                    Sold

                        62.   The Railway Station and The Queens Tap                                                           Sold
                         63.   Warwick Road                                                                                       Sold

                         64.   Dowling Street, Aug. '15

                        65.   Lydiard House

                         66.   Coate Water                                                                                            Sold

                         67.   Tented Market                                                                                        Sold

                        68.   Green Wall,Canal Way                                                                               Sold

                        69.   Murray John Tower from War Memorial

                        70.   Victoria Hill

                        71.   Gambia Street and County Road

No.72  The Old Renault Building 1

No.73  The Old Renault Building 2

No.74  Cheney Manor House

No.75  St. Mary's, Akers Way
No.76  St. Augustine's, Summers Street

No.77  Cherry Blossom,The Town Gardens

No.78  Lower Shaw Farm

No.79  The Beehive, Prospect Hill                                                                                           Sold

No.80  St. Lukes, Graham Street

No.81  Salisbury Street

No.82  Prospect Hill

No.83  Croft Road, evening

No.84  Debenhams                                                                                                                  Sold

No.85  Rosebery Street

No.86  Newport Street                                                                                                       Sold

No.87  The Water Tower, Bristol Street

No.88  Town Hall, Regent Circus

No.89  Copper Beech,Springfield Road                                                                                                                  Sold                           

No.90  The Co-op, High Street

No.91  Coach House Cottage, The Planks                                                                                       Sold

No.92  North Street                                                                                                                         Sold
No.93  The Goddard Arms
No.94  Cross Street

No.95  Fleet Street                                                                                                             Sold

No.96    Old Station House

No.97    View from Pleydell Road

No.98  The Ridgeway, Looking Towards Avebury

No.99  Arkell's Brewery, Kingsdown

   No.100  Liddington Hill                                                                                                                        Sold