Devizes Rd., Swindon              56 X 48cm                                                                                   Sold

 Town Centre   90cm X 80cm                                                                                                                Sold

The Circus, Bath                                                                                SOLD

City Night                                80 X 80cm                                                         

Western Street, Swindon                                                                         Sold

Townscape 5                                                                                       Sold

Union Street        57cm X 42cm                                                                 

Townscape- Fishbar                     approx. 60cm X 50cm                                       

Capriccio- Roof Gardens                                                                         Sold

City          60 X 60cm         Wax encaustic                                        

Townscape                                                                                             Sold

Fleming Way- View from the Bridge    approx 50cm X 40cm