100 Views of Swindon (25 X 30cm) Acrylic on board.  £100 each.    Hand made white wooden frames available, £15 each.

Facsimile framed prints available of all images, £25 each

1.Sunnyside Avenue

2. View from Okus Road, May '14                                                                                                    Sold 

3.Edmund Street

4.Eastcott Hill

5. Horse Chestnut Tree, Wroughton May'14

6.Town Hall from Crombey Street                                                                                                              Sold

7, Dowling Street, June '14

8. Crombey Street with Mary Beard

9. The Plough, Devizes Road                                                                                                                         Sold

10. Uffington White Horse

11.The Corn Exchange                                                                                                                   Sold  

12.Demolition Site, Regent Street, July '14

13. Cricklade Street, July '14                                                                                                                      Sold

14. St.Margarets Road                                                                                                                       Sold

15.High Street from The Lawns

16. The Bandstand, Town Gardens                                                                                                               Sold

17. Bottelinos

18. Technical College, Victoria Hill

19. Empire Cinema, Greenbridge

20. The Great Blondini, St. Mark's Park

21. The Town Hall from Temple Street

22. Whitney Street

23. Trinity Hall, Victoria Hill

24. View from Okus Road Oct '14                                                                                                     

25. Rodbourne Road

26. Towards Wroughton                                                                                                                 Sold

27. Canal Bridge, Rushey Platt, Oct.'14                                                                                                                Sold

28, The Mechanics Institute

29. Murray John Tower, from Prospect Hill                                                                                              Sold

30.. Prospect Hill, Blue Door                                                                                                                      Sold

31. Prospect Hill, Banana Plant

32 and 33.   Swindon's 'Front Garden'                                                                                                                       Sold

34. The Golden Lion, Bridge Street

35. The Parade, Dec'14

36. Avenue Road + Captain Beefheart                                                                                             Sold

37. Exmouth Street                                                                                                                        Sold

38. Liquor Lounge, Fleet Street

39. Murray John from Tennyson Street

40. The Old Wiltshire and DorsetBank, Wood Street                                                                                               Sold

No.41 The Salvation Army, Devizes Road

No.42 Greystone Mews, The Planks                                                                                                      Sold                                   

No.43 Regent's Circus

No.44 Euclid Street                                                                                                                                 Sold

No.45 Criclade Street, April '15                                                                                                            Sold

No.46 The Town Hall from Theatre Square

No.47 Bath Road

No.48 View from Cambria Bridge Road                                                                                                     SOLD

No.49 Albion Street

No.50 Western Street                                                                                                           Sold